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Stickman got into a Minecraft hot vs cold challenge. Ouch! Red Stickman is fire. Blue Stickman is water. Green Stickman is earth. Help Stickman find the right ways to escape each quest and puzzle, and solve tricky riddles and escape the Minecraft dungeons.

Join this exciting Stickman adventure and train your brain!

00:00 Minecraft battle starts
00:25 Help Stickman to escape the lava room
2:01 Stickman fight Magma cubes
2:25 The button riddle
3:27 Minecraft portal leads to the forest
4:33 Zombie apocalypse
5:00 Stickman vs Creeper
5:47 Ghast is here
6:17 Escape from the Nether
7:25 That’s enough! Exit to the Ender portal


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Music by Epidemic Sound