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Magic Mixies Mixlings Collector’s Cauldrons & Mixlings’ Magic Castle AdventureFun Toy review! Over 40+ Mixlings to collect with the Collector’s Cauldron where you rub the cauldron’s gem, reveal the Mixling and use the Magic Wand to reveal Magic Powers! The Mixlings include Vanishers, Spellsters, Fliers, Ultra Rare Morphlings, Enchanters and the Limited Edition “Light Up Zarla!” Mixlings’ Magic Castle includes 1 Exclusive Wand & Mixling, a Magic Wand that transforms the castle and reveals hidden Magic Moments! This Magic Castle can magically transform and the set includes 1 Exclusive Mixling, 1 Exclusive Wand, 1 Castle Playset, 1 Magic Crystal Ball, 1 Magic Bed and 1 Table & Stool! A total of 5 Magic Moments to discover! The Magic Mixlings Mixies “Sparkle Magic Mega Pack” includes 4 Exclusive Glitter Mixlings with a rare Magic Mixling included, and a Magic Wand reveals Magic Power! The 4 Glitter Mixlings include Harlie the Flier, Gexi the Spellster or Spellcaster, Mava the Vanisher and the rare Turo! What Kind of Mixling will you create? Rub the gem to find out! The Mixlings include: Moon that is Common, Star that is Rare, Diamond Ultra Rare and Crown for the Limited Edition! Have Adventure Fun! watching this family fun Magic Mixies Mixlings color changing and magic changing toy action figures with magical cauldrons, magical wands, spellcasting and Magical Mixies Mixlings Castle toy review by Dad with Magic Mixies Mixlings Fortnite Challenge Cuddle Team Leader, the pink panda bear!